Kuku-Shittu & Co.

Chartered certified accountants / registered auditors

We don't do things by half

Kuku-Shittu & Co. is a firm of Chartered Certified Accountants and Registered Auditors. We are friendly, supportive and seasoned. We have been in business for over three decades and still waxing stronger. Having successfully worked with various clients over the years, our aim has always been to reach out to whoever needs any of our services and offer an unrivalled service. We use the best of our expertise leaving our customers fully satisfied. We treat our clients like royalty, in that what you request we deliver. We are adequately armed with the expertise that you need, so be rest assured that if you work with us you are in the right hands.

Why we are different

Accountancy and tax matters require specialists who can handle them professionally and take the best advantage of all legislation available for the benefit of Clients. This is our specialty.


We go further by explaining and discussing the assignment that is given to us by Clients in a non-technical jargon free way ensuring that they understand what we are submitting to the authorities on their behalf. We submit such documents only when the Client is fully satisfied with the contents. We give them support with advice on financial & management matters. We also keep them abreast of legislation changes that affect their businesses.


We ensure that all documents used in the preparation of any assignment is returned to the Client. The Client is then advised to have documents kept in a secure place for the duration of time required by law.


We arrange meetings with clients at a time and place of their convenience. Our office is open all hours to meet clients. We pay visits to our clients when necessary at no charge. We do not charge a call out fee.


Our fees are agreed with the Client before we start any assignment. Our fees are competitive, affordable and with the type of service we give, Clients are always happy to pay in full at the end of the assignment. We give a free no obligation estimate for work to be completed.


We provide an excellent value for money service. We have a good reputation and the majority of our Clients are referred to us by other satisfied Clients.

Our after-sales service is excellent. We continue to keep the Client abreast of any matter relevant to the Client's business even after the assignment has been completed.


The caliber of our staff is of very good quality and professional. For example:

Our Principal Partner - Mrs C.A.I. Shittu (FCCA, FCA (N), and FIoD) is a seasoned Chartered Certified Accountant. Her professional knowledge and skills in accounting and management matters have spanned over three decades as a qualified Accountant. She has held a number of positions in different top organisations, monitoring the financial health of such businesses and demystifying the mystery surrounding the jargons used in the accounting world of finance. By this she is able to bring the Accounts and Reports closer to their users in down to earth language. This has always proved to be a great help to non-financial people and has added more value to their contributions to financial dialogues within and outside the business.

She focuses on helping her clients improve their businesses by formulating effective controls and discipline and thereby generate healthy financial and overall well being of their businesses. She is also a qualified Independent Financial Adviser. With all the experience gained over the years, she is able to provide good direction and leadership in implementing and communicating the necessary pillars to the understanding of running a successful business.


We work with other establishments and organisations such as banks etc. in supporting business start-ups. Our fulfillment is in seeing businesses grow and be profitable.




We have been awarded:

Certificate of Accreditation by Exor Management Services Limited. (Gold Level 2007 & 2008)






A service you can trust

Kuku-Shittu & Co.


Registered as auditors in the United Kingdom by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants